The Health Benefits of an Inground Swimming Pool

With today’s increasingly health conscious society, it’s not difficult to understand why the health benefits of an inground swimming pool are becoming one of their greatest attractions. Pool builders for years have been preaching the health benefits of having a pool in your home. Now, the time has come for you to try out these benefits too! If you wish to learn more about this, visit

Weight Loss
How many of us can honestly say we would mind losing five or ten pounds? It seems like every time we turn around there’s another diet hitting the market that’s promising miraculous results. Somehow, none of these diets ever work out like they’re supposed to. An inground swimming pool, on the other hand, is a marvelous way to lose weight. Swimming burns calories and builds muscle, increasing your metabolism and making it easy for you to not only get the weight off, but to keep the weight off-and if you work with your pool designer they can help you design a pool that will maximize your weight loss while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the luxury of your inground pool.

Low Impact Exercise
There are many reasons that people would prefer a low impact exercise regimen to a high impact one. Damaged joints, stomach problems, spinal problems and musculoskeletal disorders all contribute to make hard aerobics a bad idea. Like walking, swimming is so gentle on your body that anyone can do it, and when you swim for a half an hour or more every day you’re fulfilling your body’s need for a half hour or more of cardiovascular exercise every day without putting it under an undue amount of strain. Because it is low impact, swimming in your inground swimming pool is also a great form of therapy if you happen to be recovering from an injury. Hydrotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular form of treatment among the medical community, particularly for patients who have suffered a trauma (such as a car accident). Swimming daily can help your musculoskeletal system heal faster, and because it is more gentle on your injuries than many other forms of therapy you’ll have a much better prognosis when it comes to a full recovery.

Muscle Building
Swimming in an inground swimming pool is one of the few forms of exercise in the world that quite literally works every muscle in your body while you’re doing it. Your arms are pulling you along, your legs are propelling you forward, and the resistance of the water is making all of these muscles work three to four times as hard as they normally would. This allows you to build all of your muscles at once, something you definitely can’t do at a gym.